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Having a great team of people does not organically translate to a great team. High-performance teams are cultivated by great leaders. By establishing trust at base camp, teams can climb in fearless collaboration. As your coach, we will create dynamic opportunities for your team co-create, communicate and connect at high level.
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My Coaching Story

I serve leaders as a guide and coach, as they choose how to bring out the best in themselves and the best in people. In turn, they unite their leadership teams and become a Catalyst of Awesomeness.

Everything in my life has lead me to this point right here, right now. After 15 years with a global Fortune 100 company, I took my big leap to play my personal “Big Game” in launching Catalyst of Awesomeness, Inc.

My personal awakening began in 2013. As a leader in one of the “Big Three” pharmaceutical companies, our industry felt like we were under attack. New regulations, patent cliffs and a massive movement to block customers access was resulting in a third round of “downsizing.” Fear was rampant, and leaders were distant for the fear of the message they would have to deliver. The lack of authenticity and empathy had people frozen in place.

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